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Our Uptime

We guarantee you the highest Uptime possible! We have multiple Monitoring Bots which will instantly notify us about unexpected Downtime. Trust us, we do everything to achieve the best Uptime for you!

Online Users

We are a big TeamSpeak 3 Server with over 250 Users daily - and we are still getting bigger.

Current Packet Loss

The Current Packet Loss is calculated out of the Packet Loss of every User who is currently on our TeamSpeak 3 Server. We have Monitoring Bots which will notify us about high Packet Loss (Possible DDoS-Attack).

Average Ping

This is the current average Ping on our TeamSpeak 3 Server. It is calculated out of all Latencies of all Users who are currently online, so don't be afraid if it's a little bit higher in the night, because there are more people from America and Australia online with a higher Ping.

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  • “As an Owner of a Multi Gaming Team, I care a lot about the communication. I like The Beast TeamSpeak, because of the friendly attitude and almost always online support. Thank You! :)”

    Exors-Gaming Community Leader
  • “Very good TS, excellent Uptime and nice support for issues or questions.”

    Registered User
  • “Easily the best free TeamSpeak server I've come across. Great uptime, reliable, customizable rooms, you can always get support from the team. Thanks Berni :)”

    Registered User